Coplay Reclamation Project

The Coplay Reclamation Project (CRP) began in 1989 when approximately 150 acres, originally owned by Coplay Cement, was purchased at auction. A limited amount for mining continues to this day but redevelopment began almost immediately and is the major activity at this site.

What is now the Quarry Office Building, located on West Coplay Road, and what is now the Ransome Caterpillar facility, on Beekmantown Road, were the start of the redevelopment. Subsequent redevelopment of the site includes the Sheetz gas station on the corner of Chestnut Street and MacArthur Road and the Briarwood Development directly behind Sheetz. In 2014 two lots, encompassing approximately nine acres, were approved for redevelopment and are located behind Ransome Caterpillar on Beekmantown Road. Future plans call for the redevelopment of at least 12 additional lots.

Capital Development

Capital Development was started in 2014 with the purchase of the site from Northeast Equity Associates, Inc. The Core Reclamation and Development Group (CORE) recognized the enormous potential for redevelopment of this site because of its proximity to the New York metropolitan area. The site began as the East Bangor Consolidated Slate company mining slate from the property back in the late 1880’s. The quarry was inactive and abandoned by the 1950’s. Due to drastic elevation changes and unstable slate spoil piles this site has no further use in its current state.

A portion of the property is currently used by Capital Auto, an auto repair and salvage operation, however the vast majority of the property is covered by abandon quarry holes and spoil piles.

CORE’s plan to reclaim much of this area for industrial development will begin an initial conceptual plan to place up to 13 lots on the eastern portion of the 89 acre property. CORE has obtained the initial permits to reclaim the old quarry and establish grades for future development. As the final grades near completion we will work to obtain the land development approvals for the construction of the subdivision. This property also has the possibility of a rail spur to service the commercial and industrial uses zoned for these lots.