What types of materials do you accept?

Aside from products used in the construction berms and for sediment and erosion control purposes, Coplay Reclamation Project only accepts Pennsylvania Clean Fill and Pennsylvania Regulated Fill.  Regulated Fill is only used as a construction material in specific areas and not as a reclamation material in the quarry.


Do you accept any waste material?

No. None of the facilities in the Core Reclamation and Development Group accept waste material.


Do you deal with waste material in any other fashion?

Yes.  Material Solution Services, Inc. (MSS) provides environmental consulting services in the recycling industry and environmental soils management services for developers and contractors throughout the northeast.  MSS will determine the proper recycling or disposal options available to developers and contractors and will utilize recycling or disposal facilities throughout the United States.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes. In addition to normal business insurances, all properties being developed by CORE are covered by a three million dollar ($3,000,000.00) site-specific environmental insurance policy to cover the transportation, disposal and other related costs in the event PADEP requires the removal of any materials from a site.  This type of insurance policy is quite costly and is not mandated by any governing authority but is kept in place by the owners to protect the valuable land asset being created.  To our knowledge, no other similar sites in Pennsylvania carry this coverage.


How long will it take to develop these properties?

The time frame on these types of projects is directly related to the amount of suitable material generated and dropped to the site.  While a final completion can be as long as ten to twenty years, after the initial startup phase, new lots are created every few years.